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You Are Not Alone.
There is something magical about the power of story. Nothing inspires me more than to hear another person share, with complete vulnerability, his or her personal experiences of hardship or struggle. It is a powerful remedy to realize I am not alone.

Do you have a Story of personal triumph, growth or just straight-up perseverance you would like to share? E-mail me at: if you would like to guest post. I’d be honored to share your Story.

You can find a few of the Stories that have been shared here:

The Busiest Person Doesn’t Win by Emily Maynard
When you’re so tired you can’t even sleep, your body starts to reject certain food groups, and your immune system is on permanent hiatus, it’s probably time to start paying attention. And that’s what it took for me to stop competing and start listening to myself.


Sexuality Redeemed by Abigail Livingston
In my hurtfulness, I dated many guys… most with sexual involvement. I believed that was where my worth was found. And I kept getting hurt over and over. I had no idea why or how to escape it, all I knew was I was broken and used.


I Once Was Lost by Joy McMillan
Something was horribly wrong behind the scenes as my mystery wounds festered, alone in the basement of my heavy little heart. There was no good reason for the brokenness in my life. No explanation for the shame and insecurity that ran rampant in my mind.


I Can’t Give Up by Kim Lincoln
I had to acknowledge how sexual abuse played a part in how I perceived my body and in what I have done to protect myself at all costs, including how I have used food and my weight to both shield my emotions and keep people at bay.


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