You Matter. Period.

Alana —  October 20, 2013 — 2 Comments

Okay, here’s the deal. I believe YOU matter. I do not care what you feel right now. Please hear my heart in this. You matter. Your story matters, your presence matters. Regardless of what you may think, what society has taught you, or even what your family has told you. You matter. Contrary to common belief, your value does not come from your job, your income status or how many friends you have on Facebook. Your value does not come from how many awards you’ve won, how many church members you pastor or how much money you have in your 401k. It certainly does not come from whether you are divorced, single or married, whether you have children or zero children. None of that matters. Not in the sense that I am speaking, anyway.

If you believe that your value comes from these things, it does not surprise me. These messages are crammed down your throat 24/7. You are told that if you do not make a certain amount of income or if you are not a high-end executive, then you are not successful. You are told that if you do not have a rockin’ sexy bod like Matthew McConaughey or gorgeous face like Megan Fox, then you have little value. You have been bombarded with the message: “You have to be more like _________________ and THEN you will be important. THEN you will have something to offer.”

I am completely adamant in my disgust about these lies because these same messages have held me captive from reaching out and engaging in life… and it’s highly likely they are doing the same to you! Believing these lies has kept me from being me. As I mentioned in a previous post I have allowed others opinions to sway what I believe is right for me. The fear of failing my own standards and the standards others have set left me paralyzed. The opinions of others caused me to bow and sway like a tree on a windy day.

However, the truth is we are each here for a specific purpose. Think about this: Everyday that you hold back, you are depriving people who need you.

In the past six months I have experienced incredible breakthrough in realizing my own value. Without getting too churchy, the Lord has shown me that I have value simply because I am me and I am His creation. Ironically, I have been told this my whole life… it just never sunk in.

Bottom line:
You matter.
People need you.
Your presence makes a difference.

Your own healing is the greatest message of hope for others. – Julia Cameron



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Alana Mokma is a storyteller, people connector, and a dancing fool who is passionate about engaging with the people in her life. She embraces vulnerability and possesses mad powers of intuition and observation. Never satisfied with easy answers, she likes to dig deep. Alana resides with her husband Josh in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • chandieb

    This was the right thing for me at JUST the right time. It’s almost like it was written to me. Thank you for brightening my day a little.

  • Kristy Thiess

    As always, a beautiful, strong message today. Thank you for sharing!! Love getting these email notifications…you always speak straight to my heart.