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But…HOW do I find my Purpose??

Alana —  February 4, 2014 — 9 Comments

In case you’re wondering what to do with your life, this is it. First, you start with something you love. If it’s singing, great. If it’s writing, awesome. If it’s playwriting or playing the trombone or developing video games, even better. Maybe for you it’s just hanging out with people, making them laugh or feel really good about themselves.

Terri Spaulding from Get Off Go inspiring hearts through a Vision Board workshop

Terri Spaulding from Get Off Go inspiring hearts through a recent Vision Board workshop

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Combating Fear: Part 2

Jenean Moore —  January 30, 2014 — 2 Comments

flowersAt the end of 2013 I reflected on the year and acknowledged that I had been in fear. My first step to combating fear was to STOP PLANNING. (Click here to read my first post “Combating Fear: Part 1”) Instead of trying to coordinate every detail of each day in 2014, I am taking things as they come. In fact, instead of a resolution, I am focusing on one word for 2014: SIMPLE.

After last year, I do not want another year of chaos, stress or fear. Of course I can’t control the circumstances of life OR, as I’m learning, I can’t plan every detail. I need to do better at trusting God with His plan and being a good steward, wife, daughter, sister, friend and stranger along the way. I want this next year to be filled with great new beginnings, incredible blessings, positive habits, spiritual stepping stones and a lot of fun. Continue Reading…

A Ball Pit Made Me Cry

Alana —  March 1, 2013 — 2 Comments

When is the last time you saw something that triggered a strong reaction deep within you? I’m talking about an undeniable heart-racing, tear-forming, ear-to-ear smiling joy.

This happened to me yesterday.

My girlfriend Terri posted a video on her site that I’d never seen before. I clicked on the link, not really knowing what to expect.

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Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson

Almost a year ago, my wife texted me shortly after 10am on a Monday morning to say that our 1 year old had decided that crawling was no longer a decent means of making her way through the world. In an instant she decided to walk, and there has been no turning back.

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When I started this journey four years ago, I was in a place where I had barely begun to believe I was worth the effort it took to pursue whole healing. I knew enough in my head to know I was worth it and knew that at the very least I had to act on that until my heart began to believe too.

Kim - Before and Now

Kim – Before and Now

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Blessings by the Dozen

Brenda Mailand —  January 8, 2013 — 5 Comments

It might have started after I read Cheaper by the Dozen
or maybe it was the result of living across the street from a family with eleven children… whatever it was that ignited the idea, I knew I wanted 12 children, and told my almost-fiance (now-husband, Lennie) that exact number when we had “THE TALK”.


The Mailand Family

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My Story

Alana —  October 30, 2012 — 2 Comments

I do not have a guest writer lined up for today, so I decided to begin sharing part of my own story.

Last week, I reconnected with an old friend and asked if this person would be willing to share their story here on the blog as part of the Your Story series. My friend politely declined. What happened in the past was still all too fresh.

I am still living with consequences of patterns learned from then and the years since then, and I’m doing all I can to move forward, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Continue Reading…

Your Story: Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard —  October 23, 2012 — 11 Comments

Note from Alana: I first came across Emily at I was drawn to Emily’s rawness and how she showed her strength through her vulnerability. I’m honored that she would share part of her Story here today.

My Story: The Busiest Person Doesn’t Win
by Emily Maynard

It must have started when they named me.

Emily means “Diligent One,” and I definitely am that. I may not always be the “Focused One” or “Tasks Completed One,” but my life has been full of energy and opportunity. I traveled extensively in high school, worked my way through college in the Midwest, and moved back to my beloved Portlandia. But somewhere along the way, my name got twisted up. Somehow, somewhere, I took on the name of “Does Everything One,” which quickly turned into “Disappointed One,” “Self-Berating One,” “Flakey One,” and “Exhausted One.” And let me tell you, these titles are even less fun in real life than they are on this page. When you’re so tired you can’t even sleep, your body starts to reject certain food groups, and your immune system is on permanent hiatus, it’s probably time to start paying attention. And that’s what it took for me to stop competing and start listening to myself. Continue Reading…

Your Story: Joy McMillan

Alana —  October 16, 2012 — 7 Comments

Note from Alana: Joy and I met through the pre-marriage program Josh and I participated in. Joy and her husband Joe were the leaders of our group. This was almost 7 years ago! I have greatly enjoyed the development of our friendship and I’m honored to share Joy’s story here today. 

I Once Was Lost
shared by Joy McMillan

I’m sure the longing to live in someone else’s skin started long before the awkward puberty-stricken days of 7th grade, but that is when I recall the daydream beginning.

And the dream always unfolded in the exact same way: me, in all my spectacled, short-haired clumsiness, standing alone on the playground.  Some sort of chaos would inevitably break out amongst my classmates and the distinct need for a hero would arise.  This is when my fragile heart would practically beat out of my chest with excitement – it was my cue, my moment to shine.  Even if it was painfully nonexistent. Continue Reading…

Your Story: Halsey Preston

Alana —  October 2, 2012 — 6 Comments

Note from Alana: Halsey is a dear friend, my younger sister… and a great story teller.

Chicken Fear
shared by Halsey Preston

This past summer I was in between jobs and needed to make money fast to pay the bills. Several opportunities came up to house sit for various friends. Usually I’m asked to take care of dogs and water plants, but this summer there was an addition… Continue Reading…

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