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Combating Fear: Part 2

Jenean Moore —  January 30, 2014 — 2 Comments

flowersAt the end of 2013 I reflected on the year and acknowledged that I had been in fear. My first step to combating fear was to STOP PLANNING. (Click here to read my first post “Combating Fear: Part 1”) Instead of trying to coordinate every detail of each day in 2014, I am taking things as they come. In fact, instead of a resolution, I am focusing on one word for 2014: SIMPLE.

After last year, I do not want another year of chaos, stress or fear. Of course I can’t control the circumstances of life OR, as I’m learning, I can’t plan every detail. I need to do better at trusting God with His plan and being a good steward, wife, daughter, sister, friend and stranger along the way. I want this next year to be filled with great new beginnings, incredible blessings, positive habits, spiritual stepping stones and a lot of fun. Continue Reading…

Combating Fear: Part 1

Jenean Moore —  January 28, 2014 — 12 Comments

2013 was a year of fear for me, but I didn’t realize that until the last couple of months. I actually thought the year revolved around stress! Let me give you a brief summary.

deerMy husband and I were living in Wisconsin as he started his doctorate two years prior. We moved not knowing anyone and were farther away from family and friends. From day one we had experiences that had me ready to move out of that state ASAP! My husband was busy with his intense program and clinicals. That was his full time job…plus some! I was working full time to make ends meet…but in the most stressful environment I’ve ever experienced. Despite attending a great church and having new friends, it was difficult to be further from family and friends we had grown close to in our first years of marriage. Our quality time together was impacted by the busyness of school, work and stress. Continue Reading…