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I recently came across some information and I am finding myself wrestling with it. What do you think about this?

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Your Story: Michael Good

Alana —  September 4, 2012 — 11 Comments

How I Quit My Job
shared by Michael Good

On December 30, 2011, I went to my last day of work as I knew it. I was quitting my job to launch a business with my wife, Claudia. Just three months prior, our first child was born and Claudia had cut her hours way back to stay home with our son. Our total monthly business income at the time I quit: $140.

A little background

At the time I quit my job, we had been married for 8 years. I had recently turned 30. We had been living a pretty dull existence up to this point, a life scripted by society’s expectations.

Michael and Claudia

I was extremely unhappy at work, but felt trapped. I didn’t know what else to do, so indecision caused me to remain in my awful work environment for years.

However, a new wind was blowing much needed courage into the hearts of my wife and I with the fast approaching birth of our first child. Continue Reading…

The Secret to Getting Hired

Alana —  April 23, 2012 — 13 Comments

Want to know the secret to getting hired? Ready? It is Personality Testing. Seriously! The secret to getting hired is to know yourself well, and to know your potential client well. When I say the phrase, “Personality Test,” what type of emotion does this stir up in you? Fear? Curiosity? Skepticism? Most people I have discussed the concept of personality testing with have either responded with a strong curiosity or a strong abhorrence…Why? Below are a few of the responses I have gotten when I mention my own personal interest:

1). I don’t want to be defined.
2). I don’t want to be put in a box.
3). I already know the things I don’t like about myself. I don’t need someone else pointing it out too.
4). Tests don’t define me, God defines me.

These are all understandable responses. However, I’d like to propose a new perspective. By taking a personality test, it would enable you to:

Know yourself better.
Why do you respond in anger to certain experiences and not to others?
Know others better.
The communication breakdowns that take place between two people are often because they are communicating in two different styles. If you knew how to read others’ styles, you could tailor your communication to clearly deliver your message.
Know your marketable skills.
Let’s say you are asking for a raise, or looking for that new job – your boss is going to want to know why you deserve what you are asking for. By being familiar will your skills and tendencies, you will show up strides ahead of the other 75 people clamoring for the same position.

Not convinced yet?

Here are a couple things I’ve learned about myself through testing.
Strength. My mind moves rapidly from one idea to the next, making me good at brainstorming. Area for improvement. Because I often juggle so many projects, I am unaware of how my busyness is affecting those I care about.

Shelbe is a client of mine. Below, Shelbe shares of her experience working with me to learn more about her style.

Shelbe O.

In Shelbe’s Words.
Personality testing has always been more of a private interest for me, but this week I had the pleasure of going through my test results with Alana. Something wonderful and surprising emerged as she asked me questions and drew attention to some aspects of myself I would not have naturally been drawn to. Alana is gifted with insight and was a trusted advisor as we went through this process. With honesty and care she highlighted patterns to be aware of and helped me celebrate my strengths. This was a tremendously valuable experience and I would highly recommend Alana as a guide for discovering more about yourself.

Through our coaching process, Shelbe recalled some of her strengths she had forgotten. We also identified key areas that may cause tension in her relationships and discussed how to approach those areas from a different perspective.

If you are looking for direction or are simply interested in learning more about your personality style, I would love to assist you! Please contact me by e-mailing I will provide you with a free 30 minute consultation to determine if the service I offer would be a good fit for your desired outcome.

It’s your lucky day!
You can receive your own personalized test results as well as a one-hour individualized coaching session with Alana Mokma for $75.00 (valued at $90)! During our session, we will cover your own personality style, your strengths, areas for improvement, marketable skills and tips on how to communicate successfully with other personality styles! To start, simply e-mail Alana Mokma at and write “Personality Test – I am interested” in the subject line. Alana will contact you within 48 hours to get the process started. For promotional pricing of $75.00 all purchases must be made by May 11.

Live outside of the Grand Rapids, MI area?
No worries! We can connect over telephone or face-to-face via Skype!

Tribute to Steve Jobs

Alana —  October 6, 2011 — 2 Comments

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.” [Steve Jobs – Stanford commencement speech, June 2005]

(This quote was recently posted in a newsletter from Dan Miller)


Hey! I’m Smarter Than You Think.

Alana —  September 29, 2011 — 5 Comments

Hey! I am smarter than you think.

The past couple of years have been rough for me in my work place. It’s not that my working conditions are horrendous where I am forced to move 100 lb. boulders all day long from over here to over there, or that I have people screaming at me that I suck and they wish I would die, but these past couple years have still been rough. And this is why: I have learned the difference between working on tasks in my weaknesses and working on tasks in my strengths.

I was hired by my employer to do Interior Design. At this company, it means producing commercial floor plans, elevations, site plans and selecting interior finishes for mostly office and manufacturing buildings. I have learned that although Interior Design is what I went to school for, I am only decent at it; I am not great at it. I have found myself feeling more and more dumb because I don’t get the technical aspects of design. Although the project managers have been so kind as to teach me endlessly how roof pitches come together and why a building needs a concrete fire wall on one end and not the other, I just don’t get it. I started to feel guilty and think, “Man, did I pull the wool over their eyes! What did they see in me? I suck at this.” But then I realized, “I’m a great sales person. I’m awesome at selling people on ideas and getting people excited to take action!” I sold my employer on the idea of “me.” At the time, I believed in myself too, so I wasn’t necessarily selling a false product, but I sold them on the idea that, “Hey, if you hire me, I will make you happy and this is why…”

Over the past year, I have begun to learn what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are. I’m great with people and developing relationships. I’m not great at putting together price quotes for carpet goods. I’m great at having a vision for the future and inspiring others to come alongside me and take action. I’m not great at dissecting a website design and putting it all back together again.

If you have that voice inside of you shouting, “Hey! I’m smarter than what you think. I really can do a lot of things well!” I encourage you to take a look at your job or marriage or schooling and really discover where your strengths and weaknesses lie. If you can define your strengths and find a position that really utilizes those strengths, you will experience success.

“Awesome, Alana. You make a good point, but I have no idea what my strengths are or how to begin to find out.” Here’s a great resource to begin with: Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath.

Does this resonate with you? Why or why not? I’d love to hear from you!

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