Jenean Moore photo“I knew Alana would create an incredible place where vulnerability, candidness, integrity, boldness and reflection would live in harmony. Reading Alana’s posts have inspired me to think outside the box and to challenge myself to dig deeper into my story and God’s story. A form of community is established when people can share beyond the surface and without fear.” -Jenean Moore

“Several months ago, I had little interest in blogs. Once I started reading Alana’s blog, it inspired me to start my own. I appreciate how transparent she is, as well as the humor she seems to find in every situation. Alana doesn’t embellish the truth, but speaks honestly about her experiences and I admire this authenticity.” -Halsey Preston

Amanda DeKatch photo copy“Alana’s November 1, 2011 post “If You Knew the Truth, Would You Still Like Me?” inspired me to launch my own blog, girl in process. Her vulnerability spoke to me: “If I can walk this way, so can you.” I began to share my story and let the world (or whomever chose to read) see what the Father was showing me on my journey. I’ve found a lot of freedom through my own writing thanks to her courage and influence.” -Amanda DeKatch

Terri Spaulding Photo“Alana has a way of sharing her stories of personal growth that lead a person reading to find the courage to challenge their own fears. I find her posts inspiring and thought provoking. Alana’s blog reminds me that we are all beautiful works in progress and inspires me to use what she has learned and shared in my own journey.” -Terri Spaulding

Rebekah_photo“I appreciate Alana’s openness and vulnerability in the life stories she shares. I’ve gone through some similar experiences and its always great to know that I wasn’t/am not alone. Her boldness to conquer has been part of what has encouraged me to step out and overcome and not be held in bondage anymore.” -Rebekah ‘Reed’ Smith

Cassie Holmes_photo“Alana’s blog has given me insight into many things; evaluating my own life – and learning to accept ME, where I am. She makes me laugh, and sometimes she is so spot on with where I am in life personally – I can’t help but get misty eyed.” -Cassie Holmes

“Your writing is so touching, so “real”, so relatable. You are walking through the same thoughts and issues that I have dealt with for most of my life. The difference is, you have chosen to approach and conquer those things that you feel hold you back at a much earlier age than what I have reached. Your blog gives me hope that it’s never too late and one of these days I will snap into realizing that I am worth it and it is okay to take a chance. I admire you.” -Nancy B.