Holy Food!

Alana —  September 26, 2013 — 5 Comments

I hate taking time to prepare food but realized something special about it this week. Watch the video to find out more.

3 weeks.
No desserts.
No alcohol.
No pasta.
No fast food.
No bread. (unless 35 calories)

You can do it. :)



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Alana Mokma is a storyteller, people connector, and a dancing fool who is passionate about engaging with the people in her life. She embraces vulnerability and possesses mad powers of intuition and observation. Never satisfied with easy answers, she likes to dig deep. Alana resides with her husband Josh in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Jenean

    of all, I like the video post:) It’s you in candid, casual form and I
    miss you, so it’s always fun to see your smiling face:)

    I can relate girl! I hate preparing food, making meals, meal planning,
    grocery shopping, dishes…anything related!!! Plus it’s not natural for
    me, I’m not good at it and like you I’d rather be spending my time
    doing other things. However, it’s not something we can avoid can we
    really. Just this past week I was thinking…I can’t be the only woman
    who hates being in the kitchen other than to socialize?

    But I’m learning that there are ways to make it manageable and reasons to do so.

    1) Make it SIMPLE: I try to make things tasteful but simple. Simple
    ingredients = simple grocery shopping and less stress. Simple recipe =
    less time preparing and cooking and less stress. Simple foods = well
    hopefully this one is growing into more natural foods and less stress
    from eating healthier.

    Make what I know and love: When I know a recipe (usually because it’s
    simple) I am more likely to make it AND less stressed about it because I
    don’t have to use as much mental energy to prepare it. Plus the things I
    know how to make are generally the meals or snacks we love. I was
    recently encouraged by my sister-in-law to meal plan (because I told her
    I wanted to do so for a very long time, but it always seems like this
    big project related to food and the kitchen so I hate it!). She
    recommended, based on experience, to just make a binder with the recipes
    I know and make most of the time. Then from those recipes in the binder
    I can make weekly meal plans and grocery shopping lists. Well…it
    includes 1 and 2 of what I am learning makes this process more
    manageable. It’s worth a shot…NEW PROJECT:)

    Alana, you helped me to remember that food = love! Loving myself by
    eating healthier and making better choices is something I have been
    doing on and off this last year with my limited sugar diets. I feel SO
    much better when limiting my sugar intake…and yet I don’t stick with
    it. I’m actually doing the limited sugar diet again in October with a
    friend while reading “Made to Crave” by Lysa TerKeurst. I love my friend
    and we want to love ourselves better in this way. But also I love Josh
    (my hubby, not yours for any other readers:) Josh loves really good home
    cooked meals. Both of his parents are wonderful cooks and then…he
    married me! haha. When I make a full meal, he is always appreciative and
    gives me affirmations…that I don’t always believe, but I should be
    telling them to myself, right Alana? Food = showing my love to Josh!

    for your video post, it was something I needed to see this morning. It
    is inspiring and affirming for my own journey related to food choices
    and meal prep/planning. Keep up your good work eating healthier options.
    Keep thinking about how you are doing it for YOU and this is a way you
    are loving yourself more. While you food prep…listen to music…that
    is something you love as well. It helps the time go by faster, help you
    enjoy food prep a bit more and it’s always OK to dance in the kitchen;)

    Keep Loving You!

    • Alana Mokma

      Jenean, I am REALLY excited that you joined the “Rock that Bod” challenge on facebook! Have you tried anything with the meal planning yet? This is something I would like to be able to do – to plan at least 1-2 weeks worth of meals in advance. I/we have not attempted it yet… BUT my food prep has gotten way WAY better in the past few weeks! Josh and I had gotten to a point that we were BOTH eating out for lunch almost every day. :( I’ve made a few changes and prep some food on Sundays that I can eat/munch on all week long. This has cut down on our outgoing $. Now the next step is planning meals that we will BOTH eat and can eat all week long. :)

      You made me laugh when you said, “Josh loves really good homecooked meals. Both of his parents are wonderful cooks and then…he
      married me! haha.” Food is totally a way you can be showing love to Josh! :) It is pretty amazing once we realize that LOVE doesn’t come in only 1-5 forms. There are a lot of different things we can do to show ourselves or others love. I’m eager to hear how the meal prep is going for you – because I want to learn myself. :)

      Thank you for your affirmations about the video and my candid/casual self. For awhile I believed that my videos needed to be serious presentations – put together and professional-like… but I found that I am most drawn to the videos where a person’s personality shines through. I think it’s because that’s how I want to show up too! SO, I’m experimenting with just being myself. lol. It has been more fun for me and I think the people that appreciate my style will be drawn to it and those that don’t won’t come back. :)

  • jodyberkey

    I love your video format. Your personality completely shines through.

    I used to really dislike spending time to prepare food as well. You’ve only known me since we’ve made significant changes to our lifestyle and food choices. Had I know the extent of your distain for spending time on food, I would definitely not have filled our chatting/getting to know you time during your visit with food prep. I’m not sure what we would have done while we chatted, but I wouldn’t have ground wheat to make pizza dough. :) Next time, we’ll go on an air balloon ride or something as we chat.

    By the way, speaking of your visit, yesterday I was in Charlottesville and thought I saw that mysterious man we stalked when we were at the outdoor mall. Remember the guy who intrigued us and we created stories about his identify and life?

    • Alana Mokma

      Ha! Jody, I actually REALLY appreciated that you took the time to make all that “fresh food” while we visited you. Since neither Josh or I care to take the time to prepare it, it was a delicious reprieve from our boxed rice and frozen pizza meals. :) I was also thankful you allowed me to just sit and watch/chat rather than to participate. My food prep perspective is slowly changing – as I taste “fresh” prepared meals and now that I have a new perspective that this is another way to show myself love. If/when we visit again, I definitely would like to stay on the fresh food meal – although the air balloon ride sounds incredibly tempting as well. I would LOVE that!!

      TOO FUNNY about the Charlottesville dude! He’s GOTTA be a professor, who is single, with lots of friends and friendly colleagues, who enjoys sipping coffee at the outside mall while reading his newspaper or a good piece of lit on a crisp autumn morning…. 😉

    • Alana Mokma

      LOL! I just now saw that you used the word “stalked”. You make me laugh.