But…HOW do I find my Purpose??

Alana —  February 4, 2014 — 15 Comments

In case you’re wondering what to do with your life, this is it. First, you start with something you love. If it’s singing, great. If it’s writing, awesome. If it’s playwriting or playing the trombone or developing video games, even better. Maybe for you it’s just hanging out with people, making them laugh or feel really good about themselves.

Terri Spaulding from Get Off Go inspiring hearts through a Vision Board workshop

Terri Spaulding from Get Off Go inspiring hearts through a recent Vision Board workshop

Then, find someone in need, someone who is hurting or living without. Find someone who, like the “rich young ruler,” [Matthew 19:16-22] feels a sense of restlessness, like there has to be more, and just give them a taste. You don’t have to muster it up, or muscle it out. Just do what you’re good at. Just be the best version of you.

If you can’t think of anyone, or don’t know anyone who is hurting or in need, that’s okay. Get started anyway. When you’re doing what you were made to do, hurting people will come to you. That’s what Jesus did. He just acted like Himself, and weeks after the start of His ministry, hurting people began to flock to Him.

When you are living in your passion, people around you who were once sleeping will be woke up.

That’s [bold added] how you know. When we become who we were made to be, we come alive, but the people around us come alive too.

Listen carefully.


Are people responding? Are they changing? When we become who God meant us to be all along, we leave a wake of His presence behind us.

Where your passion meets their need, that is your calling.

And you might just find it where you least expect – in a Midwest town where you’re broke and busking, where what you at first thought was awkward turns into a beautiful confirmation of what God made you to do.

[Credit: the above excerpt is from Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage by Allison Vesterfelt.]

Questions: What do YOU love to do? What can you do for hours and the time just seems to fly by? Share what you love in the comments below.



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Alana Mokma is a storyteller, people connector, and a dancing fool who is passionate about engaging with the people in her life. She embraces vulnerability and possesses mad powers of intuition and observation. Never satisfied with easy answers, she likes to dig deep. Alana resides with her husband Josh in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Kristy Thiess

    LOVE this.

    • Alana Mokma

      Me too! Of all the soul-searching I’ve done, it is amazing to think it is this simple. The people I have met or interviewed that are doing what they love, don’t have a very extravagant story of how they got there – most of them just started doing what they loved and things started to fall in to place. That doesn’t mean there will be hard work, but WOW. Is really as simple as tapping into the things I love to do?

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    I love to write and take every single chance I can get to write!

    • Alana Mokma

      Sweet! What topic do you most enjoy writing about? Your own Story or coaching/how-to’s?

  • http://www.leadtoimpact.com/ Bernard Haynes

    I love to encourage, equip and empower people to realize and live their God-designed vision.

    • Alana Mokma

      This is awesome, Bernard! Do you prefer to do it one-on-one, virtually or in large group settings?

      • http://www.leadtoimpact.com/ Bernard Haynes

        I do one on one and I have done large group settings. I prefer small group settings from 5-20 people.

        • Alana Mokma

          Cool! :) It’s pretty amazing how we “come alive” when we are working in our strengths – and for you, even working in a group setting of 5-20 sounds like it may energize you more than others sizes. It’s really good that you know what you prefer. I’m beginning to take mental note of those moments where I feel energized so I can capitalize on them.

  • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

    Connecting with others, outdoors adventures, writing… Those are but a few things I love to do.

    • Alana Mokma

      We have some similar interests! 😀 Joe, what is an action you have taken to “increase” one of these areas in your life?

  • http://lifesignatures.blogspot.com/ Lawrence Namale

    Simple, direct to the point, hugely profound. Thanks for sharing. My name is Lawrence Namale, a great stickler of life purpose and I endorse this message.

    • Alana Mokma

      lol. Thanks for stopping by Lawrence! How did you hear about the blog?

      • http://www.life-signatures.com Lawrence Namale

        Hey Alana, I got it from my Discuss feed. Thanks.

  • Halsey

    Great post!
    I love to make things…specifically, arts + crafts. Recently I’ve been making animal ornaments out of felt (such as whales, fish, koala bears…) When I’m working on a project, I almost always lose track of time and could stay up all night making things and be quite content :)

    • Alana Mokma

      Halsey, your answer made me smile REALLY big! I can see how much you enjoy crafting and love that you have found something that seems to make the “time fly by” because it is so fun for you. I want to see the ornaments you are making! :) Do you have any that you can show me on Sunday?